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Hello book lovers!

I take it you're here because you're as obsessed with reading as I am. Well, thanks for popping by!

I wanted to take a bit of time to introduce myself and give you a bit of a run down on the idea behind The Nest and what you can expect moving forward, now that we have a fah-ncy new website & blog.

My name is Rhi and I am a florist by trade. I started my florist business (aptly named Flowers by Rhi) in 2016 when my firstborn was 4 months old. Crazy, I know.

What started as a micro-business based out of my garage/laundry quickly became something so busy and all-consuming that I rarely had time to sleep, let alone read a novel.

After my second child was born (amid making sure deliveries were still heading out) I was gifted a novel from some lovely friends of mine, a gift for just for me - something given with the intent that I take some time to myself and relax.

Fast forward a couple of years - I was commuting between work (setting up weddings and events all summer) and our family holiday 3 hours away. I began to pine for some free time to just read a book! Something so simple, yet seemingly so unachievable at the time. Reading a book, an unachievable dream?! Honestly, what had my life become?

It was during one of these 3 hour drives that I recalled the book that was given to me while on maternity leave and thus the idea behind The Nest was born. I'd offer a subscription-style service that allowed others stuck in the same grind of work - sleep - work - mindlessly scrolling through their phones - sleep, a chance to take some time away from the monotony and relax, go on a literary adventure, and more importantly - reconnect with something so simple yet so wholesome and mentally healthy.

Through my main business of Flowers by Rhi, I was able to connect with so many amazing local & Australian makers and brands and was able to bring them to you through the book boxes. It also forced me to make time to read, after all - I had to have read what was going in the boxes for quality control, right?

It also forced me to read books that I wouldn't normally have picked for myself. In the rare times I was able to buy or borrow a book, I'd lean toward historical fiction. During the journey of The Nest, I've read thrillers, Greek mythology, contemporary romance and 'bildungsromans', just to name a few.

Each month, I work with a wonderful local book seller to select a novel that I think would be a great fit for my subscribers. Together we throw ideas back & forth to come up with the perfect book, something that is perhaps lesser known than whats circulating around on #bookstagram (although occasionally we like to pop in a new-release/best seller!)

The idea behind this is to urge subscribers to read new things, things that they perhaps never would have picked up in a book store themselves. Books that will help them expand their imaginations and even help them find a new favourite genre. Because of this, we don't announce the book of the month until after the subscribers boxes have been sent out. I for one love a good surprise and I'm confident you will love the reveal once you open the box!

The boxes are available as a once-off purchase, or if you love the idea of having a book and carefully selected goodies to accompany it delivered to your door each month, you can subscribe for 3 or 6 months. Or, if you really want to spoil yourself or a loved one, hit us up and we can curate a custom subscription for you.

Happy reading (and relaxing!)

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